Increases your team’s productivity

Equipped with all the TASKI Intelli-features, the TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 autonomously scrubs and dries large surface areas so your teams don’t have to. It runs at an equivalent labour rate of €3.88 an hour and frees up your people to achieve more, such as taking care of detailing work robots can’t handle.

The TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 improves your cleaning quality, increases staff satisfaction and future-proofs your cleaning operations. And it can pay for itself in 12 months. Discover the future of cleaning today.

Find outhow much more productive you can be


Improve cleaning performance

While TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 is taking care of your floor, your cleaning staff can get additional time on their schedule to take care of other tasks better than ever. You can now realize the well-known optimum washing results of Sinner’s Circle.

Increase productivity throughout the facility

TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 is the right partner to help you reach more with less. In times like these when profit is seen as the highest priority for everyone, TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 offers higher productivity without compromising any of your current cleaning activities.

Bring your current staff to another level of cleaning

In the digital and robotic age, Generation Y is riding the wave of advanced cleaning that manages and configures technology solutions on-site. Future generations will be even more prepared. TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 can lead cleaners to differentiate their jobs and skills in this new space.