The TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 represents the next step in the evolution of scrubber driers – operating at least 25% more productively than its robotic predecessor.

The TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 is equipped with all the standard TASKI Intelli-features, as well as a telemetry system that ensures continual communication between the software, sonars, laser and sensors. This makes sure the robot navigates its surroundings safely, while delivering consistent clean quality and offering operational cost savings of up to 70%. The Intelli-Trak telemetry system also captures and stores data safely to support the analysis of operational efficiencies.

All Intelligent solutions from TASKI are integrated with the TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000, including:

  • IntelliDose
  • IntelliFlow
  • IntelliTrail
  • Aquastop (working with brush or Intellipads)

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Sensors provide 360-degree view that allows scrubber to operate Hands-Free. Just prep, point and go.

IntelliFlow saves you up to 76% water and chemical consumption compared to traditional scrubbers. All Intelligent functions will help you to improve productivity and sustainability.

Communicates with operator and generates detailed reports including login time, end of shift and areas cleaned.

Service components are easily accessible. Uses standard size industry brushes, pads and squeegees.

No special training is required. The icon-based touchscreen prompts users through all functions, regardless of language or skill level.

The machines are operated by a unique icon-based touchscreen.