“We used to frequently work nights but, thanks to the TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000, this is no longer the case.”

– Nico Jäger, School Janitor and Facility Manager, the Cantonal School of Graubünden

For use-intensive spaces, such as sports or multi-purpose halls, the best time for cleaning is late in the evening or in the early morning hours. Consequently, the work-life-balance of many employees became a serious concern due to all the late nights and weekend shifts required to clean the facility.

We looked at what was available in the market to help us with our work, and then decided on the TASKI robot. It’s easy to use, thanks to a large touchscreen and easy-to-understand symbols. The robot’s size, stability, water capacity, running time and the effective area cleaned have impressed us. The integration into the gymnasium’s cleaning plan was completely seamless. I would definitely recommend this robot to my colleagues, since it improves hygiene and our employees’ quality of life.

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