“The robot has been named Bertha by the warehouse staff; a good sign that this newest ‘colleague’ has been fully accepted into the team.”

Benjamin Hermans, Business Unit Manager, H.Essers

Our maintenance team in Genk recently received reinforcement – in the form of a brand-new, state-of-the-art cleaning robot. Before the machine was purchased, it was first thoroughly tested for two months for effectiveness and safety.

And the robot performed well. During the test period, the machine was occasionally adjusted and adapted by the supplier for optimal results. We are the first customer to use the cleaning robot in a warehouse. They are usually used in sports halls and other large open spaces.

Equipped with the very latest technology, the robot can do a lot, including intelligently avoiding objects and people. We tested this extensively, and all toes were spared. Our robot gets the 6,000sqm job done in about three hours so our warehouse is shipshape around the clock and our team is happy with its newest member.

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